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Performance Tuning Services

There’s an important tenet of Performance tuning that says that 90% of the benefit can be gained from 50% of the effort.  With Perf-Util Consulting to analyse your performance needs, you can match and exceed industry leading performance for half the effort.

We provide tuning services for Databases, Storage (SAN), applications, application servers, web servers and networks that have created solutions with industry-leading performance all across Europe.  In previous projects we have delivered phenomenal improvements, for example:

  • GDF Suez Oracle Utilities Quotation Management System on Oracle 11g
    • System performance increased 600% across all areas
    • Achieved through Application and Database tuning
  • Electrabel Oracle Utilities Meter Data Management System on Oracle 10g
    • System performance increased 1400% for key functionality (message processing)
    • Achieved through Database and SAN tuning