Best Beer Here
The smart beer app

The only beer app that recommends new beers to try
based on your personal preferences.

data driven mobile app design

Best Beer Here your personalised beer
recommendation app

Best Beer Here uses information gathered on the flavours and attributes of the beers you like, to find beers we think you’ll enjoy. All of this is done via artificial intelligence. As soon as a beer is added to the database, the system will determine if you’re likely to enjoy it.

This product offers interfaces not only for the end-user, but every brewery and premises in the world. It also takes full advantage Google’s map services for unparalleled localisation services.

We created the concept for the app, designed it and built it on an architecture using iOS 5 up to 9.1 front-end. The Back-end uses, ASP.NET, C#.NET, Linq to SQL with an SQL server database, WCF with communication through REST/JSON and SOAP, secured using SSL. The supporting web interfaces use HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, JQuery UI, JQuery Validation and the same web services as the iPhone interface.

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