Full IT Landscape Design

we design business-goal-oriented architectures.

Choosing your IT Landscape one Solution at a time is like trying to make your way from Rome to Paris one turn at a time: you could get lucky and end up where you intended but it’s not likely. It’s even less likely that you’d arrive at your intended destination without a few nasty surprises along the way.  Enterprise Architecture, when used properly, is the roadmap that will get you there safely.

Perf-Util Consulting offers Enterprise Architecture skills that aren’t focussed on buzzwords or popular trends.  Instead we design business-goal-oriented architectures that help you to avoid wasting money on the wrong projects.  We have experience of doing exactly that for Architectures covering multiple countries and divisions and can therefore help you around any political hurdles, budgeting constraints and fear of change.  Feel free to get in touch with us to find out how.