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If you’re a start-up with a great idea or concept or an existing company
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Multi Skilled

Mobile app, enterprise software development or enhancement/tuning for an existing product we’ve got it covered


We cover the full software development life-cycle from Concept/Inception through to deployment and maintenance

Scalable Team

We have the ability to scale quickly with a multi-skilled experienced team including an offshore development centre

Our Services.

We have a comprehensive list of services and our service offering
is constantly evolving.

Full IT Landscape Design

Choosing your IT Landscape one Solution at a time is like trying to make your way from Rome to Paris one turn at a time: you could get lucky and end up where you intended but it’s not likely. It’s even less likely that you’d arrive at your intended destination without a few nasty surprises along the way. Enterprise Architecture, when used properly, is the roadmap that will get you there safely.

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Technical Skills

Do you already have a clear idea of where you’re going already but perhaps need to supplement your team? We’ll be happy to provide the resources you need however temporary the assignment. We have extensive services available in the following areas:

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Utilities Consultancy

Perf-Util Consulting has deep business and functional experience in the Utilities sector for both B2C and B2B suppliers. We’ve implemented multiple solutions (billing,quotation management, market interaction to name a few) all over Europe from scratch. Allow us to bring our experience from some of the world’s largest Utilities companies to bear on your business and see how to take the next step in becoming one of them.

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Performance Tuning

There’s an important tenet of Performance tuning that says that 90% of the benefit can be gained from 50% of the effort. With Perf-Util Consulting to analyse your performance needs, you can match and exceed industry leading performance for half the effort.

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iOS/Android Mobile Apps

We’re not your average mobile app developers. We design solutions with a specific focus on high-performing data-driven mobile applications. A mobile developer can give you an app that your customers can use. Some will include great cutting edge features such as maps, social media interaction and feedback features. But why stop there? At Perf-Util we can take your idea a whole lot further.

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Oracle University Training

Do you have more long-term skills needs and you’d like to keep costs down? Instead of hiring resources, why not train the resources you already have? Perf-Util Consulting’s have been providing Oracle University training since 2009 with average satisfaction ratings of over 98% since starting our collaboration.

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