Data-driven, complex applications

Perf-Util Technologies is a Consulting Services, Software Development Company and we have helped startup companies and large multinationals reach their product development goals.

We craft beautiful mobile applications

Our team has created complex applications across a variety of platforms and industries. From startup companies to large multinationals, we have created beautiful, user-friendly apps and we can do the same for you.

We build complex web applications

With Software Architecture teams working in parallel with our UX department, we build high quality, complex products right the first time. With solutions created for some of the world’s biggest companies.

We build data-driven, complex applications

Perf-Util Technologies is a Consulting Services, Software Development Company and we have helped startup companies and large multinationals reach their product development goals.
So why


We are not just ‘another’ software development company. We do not just build projects for customers and leave them there. We also build our own innovative products and partner with companies who need that little bit extra to realize their goals.

We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world and helped some of the most exciting entrepreneurs launch their products.



We specialise in creating complex software solutions for some of the biggest brands in the world, from the energy sector to fintech.


Through our High Potential Startup Program, we have and will continue to support entrepreneurs with amazing ideas reach their goals.


We believe passionately in UX as a discipline, done correctly it will always result in a better product and reduce unnecessary costs to fix or correct in the future.



The Furthr app is powered by brand new card-linking technology which turns your existing Visa or Mastercard into your own personal loyalty card. This innovative company based in Australia are changing the way companies reward their loyal customers by linking rewards directly to a users bank card when they spend.
  • Software Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Project Management




Enterprise Clients


Choosing your IT Landscape one Solution at a time is like trying to make your way from Rome to Paris one turn at a time: you could get lucky and end up where you intended but it’s not likely. It’s even less likely that you’d arrive at your intended destination without a few nasty surprises along the way. Enterprise Architecture, when used properly, is the roadmap that will get you there safely.

Perf-Util Technologies has deep business and functional experience in the Utility sector for both B2C and B2B suppliers. We’ve implemented multiple solutions (billing, quotation management, and market interaction to name a few) all over Europe from scratch. Allow us to bring our experience from some of the world’s largest Utility companies to bear on your business and see how to take the next step in becoming one of them.


People often confuse user experience (UX) with beautifully designed interfaces. However, this is just the final step. Crafting how each user navigates through your software in the most seamless way possible requires an experienced UX team. 

Builders working on a new house with no plans. This is product development without UX.


We don’t believe in forcing problems into the solutions we know. For each project, our Architects will recommend the right technologies and standards for you.

With over 20 years of Software Architecture experience, those are recommendations you can rely on.

What we can do

For you

  • Expert UX Team
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Custom Packages
  • Ready Made Integrations
  • Onshore Management
  • Complex Software
  • Emerging Tech
  • Hire Our Team

Our Clients

The true validation of the quality of any product, lies in the experience of previous clients and their satisfaction.

Client Image
In addition to his very strong IT technical skills, Robert and Perfutil demonstrated their functional knowledge, in particular in Power and Gas consumption forecasting domain, giving evidence of their already robust experience.
David Broeglin
Client Image
Robert’s ability to communicate on various levels, is one of his critical success factors. I can highly recommend Rob for doing various project in the Energy Business. He did a great job in the CORFU project in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Joucko Wagenmakers
Client Image
I worked with Perfutil on a project for an upgrade to Oracle Utilities 1.6.. I have learned a lot during the upgrade project. If an Oracle Utilities expert is needed again I would recommend him.
Hein Oldenhuis


For a free consultation, simply call the number below or enter your details to the right and one of the team will be in touch.


    What we can do



    Would you like to get your idea started for free? If you and your startup are still in the idea phase and figuring out how to fund the development of your product, then why not build a prototype first? A working model of your idea, at a fraction of the cost of full development. 

    Better yet, if you move to the development phase, the prototype will be absolutely free.


    Trust and Transparency

    Onshore UX and management, offshore development team which will lower the cost for you. Unlike most companies, we make this process transparent.

    Build Once, Build Right

    Do you want to rebuild your product within a year of first receiving it? Our architecture teams choose the right technologies, standards and design patterns to ensure you can build something first time, that will stand the test of time.

    High Quality UX

    UX is the core to making a good idea a great business. Our team will provide a cohesive and well planned out stategy for your product. From crafting the experience of a user to designing how that will look.

    Idea to Company

    We will guide you through the entire life cycle of product development, involving you in the process all the way from your initial idea to having a viable product and company.
    Get started

    With our help

    Product development is no longer about finding people who know the right software or programming language. In fact, that’s less than half the battle these days. The key lies in the experience of the right standards, practices, and procedures for implementing your solution. You don’t need someone who can only do what they are told, you need someone who can take your idea and lead you through all the steps required to make it a reality. Have access to our specialist teams to work with you as your product goes from that amazing idea stage to a functioning company. 

    People at a startup

    High Potential Startup Program

    For those companies who show particular promise in their early stage, our HPSU program provides additional resources such as cost price development and free prototypes to help them reach their company’s objectives quicker. 

    Thus allowing these entrepreneurs extra time and resources to worry about the next stage of growth and developing into a revenue generating company. To apply please click below and one of our team will be in touch.


    Are you ready to make your idea a reality? Get a free consultation with our world class team today.
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