HPSU Program

HPSU Program

If you believe you have a startup idea that has high potential, then apply to our program below. Winning products are provided with the additional resources they need to get up and running.



For start-ups that we identify as being of high potential, we offer cost-price development in return for equity. 

Our HPSU program will allow startups that have viable ideas, with great teams behind them to get to their launch phase far easier. Which is almost always the most difficult part of the journey. 

Applications are now open. 



We will provide you with our expert management, UX designers, and off-shore development team to help guide you through the journey to realizing your finished product. 

In addition, with our years’ experience in the industry, we will also help you to bring this product to the right people. 

What This Means


Dramatically reduced development costs

To those startups who make it to our HPSU program, we will provide to you cost price development which will save you significant amounts of your early stage resources. These savings can be so significant that you can redirect those savings to setting your company up, marketing costs and hiring your first employees.

Our team is yours – expert UX and Software Architects

The percentage of startup companies who fail in their first year is extremely high. Many times, this can be attributed to a lack of expert resources. Our UX and Architecture teams will be yours to guide you through this difficult stage.

Industry expertise and contacts

What is an amazing product without the resources or connections to get it to the right people? Our decade of experience and contacts are here and ready to take advantage of. We have links to many industries and can help your company reach potential investors


We accept a very small number of startups annually. However applications will remain open all year so if you have shown some early potential and require some help getting to the next stage, then please feel free to apply. Successful applicants through this stage will be invited to discuss their project further.