UX and Architecture

Expert UX and Software Architecture Resources

An experienced team ready for your short-term projects so you do not have to hire full-time resources

what we can do


Another unique service that we offer here at Perfutil, is the opportunity to hire our UX or Software Architecture teams to work internally with your company for a short period of time.

Many companies have projects in the pipeline that may require them to expand their teams, meaning hiring multiple staff to complete them. This can mean the difference between beginning exciting projects or not.

What we can offer may solve this issue. Hiring our team in for a short period of time, for example, one month to get your project flowing will allow you the resources to get started without any of the commitment or spending related to hiring full-time employees.



Bring our UX team in-house for your project

Whether you are an existing company that requires experienced temporary UX professionals, or a company that is just realizing the benefits of UX, we can help.

Expert software architecture team ready to go

Having a software architecture team can mean the difference between having a scalable product working correctly from the beginning or having to spend more resources in the future improving what was not built right the first time.