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In addition to building awesome software, we have a great story and some ideas on how development should be done right

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Perf-Util is a Consulting Services, Software Development House and so much more. Information Technology is no longer about finding people who know the right software or programming language. In fact that’s less than half the battle these days. The key lies in experience of the right standards, practices and procedures for implementing your solution.

You don’t need someone who can only do what they are told, you need someone who can take your idea and lead you through all the steps required to make it a reality. IT Systems come in all shapes and sizes. Each one is intended to get you from A to B but it’s not just a question of getting there: it’s also how you get there.

At Perf-Util we don’t deal in Systems, we deal in Solutions. We make sure that you get the best value for your money to make that journey from A to B a fruitful one. In dealing with Solutions we bring ISO and W3C standards to bear along with all modern thought on Solution Architecture and Enterprise Architecture. Why should you pay for the same mistakes that a thousand others have made before? With our approach, you won’t have to.

We cover many fields of technology but one thing remains constant throughout: we are dedicated to creating intelligent data-driven businesses. We are not tied to one technology or methodology but we instead choose the right ones for your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we will turn your idea into a reality. We work all through-our Europe, both on-site and remotely (nearshore services), with current contracts in 16 different countries.

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Robert O’Farrell


Gary Whelan

UX Designer

Apeksha Patil

Software Architect

Dr. Amy Watchorn

Consultant Psychologist and Director


At the centre of our philosophy is a desire to build things right. We strongly believe in user experience and our growing UX team who work in parallel with our software architecture team ensure that any project we do has been researched, tested, prototyped, designed and built to the highest standards.

We have a strong belief that when projects are completed, that they are completed the right way. We do all of the hard work in the beginning of a project to ensure that this happens.

Our intent is to ensure that when you work with Perfutil, that the project you build will be done correctly the first time of asking. So you the client does not have to worry about fixing, changing or delaying your product.

We are a company that is excited by innovation and we have assembled a team of people with complimentary skillsets to help our company and other companies to build innovative products.

Our experience in creating software solutions for some of the worlds biggest brands, and building some of the most unique products for startups companies goes back 15 years and in that time we have learned a lot and that is what we can offer to you.